getting the boot

i'm the proud owner of these "budget boots".
they're affordable and they go with everything.
black, suede, 5,5" high and incredibly stylish.
exactly what you need this season.
and all seasons after this one.
AGGIE Metal Insert Heel Boot Topshop £80.00


the sunny side of rainy days


the sky is getting cloudy
the air is getting colder
it's the most fashionable time of the year.
and the good thing is, now you can wear your (hunter) wellies
without looking like you've lost your marbles.
functional, comfortable and cute.
just how we like it
( at times, at other times we bust out our overknee platform boots)


tired of jeans?

Chloé high-waisted silk pants 729 euros

Preen cropped slouchy pants 720,41 euros

Vanessa bruno athé wool-blend tappered pants 238,10 euros

everyone loves jeans (of course). but for a more sophisticated look, try wearing oversized trousers. i'm a complete jeans freak and needed a change, so i bought myself a pair of pants at Mango designed by adam lippes for € 50,-
These pants look great with a simple tshirt or tanktop, they barely cost you anything at H&M. Or for a really special occasion, wear them with a ruffled blouse. for a day look, stick to primary colours and combine them with two-tone shoes. You know, the kind your granddad wears. or with cute pumps
In de evening you can go wild with colours and patterns and stilletos.
A very versatile contribution to your wardrobe.


wear it like a champ

a lot of eighties influences, lots of accessories and draped tops, pants and dresses.metalics, eyeliner, popping lips, chains on bags, biker boots in all forms shapes and sizes and sequins. nailpolish in dark hues.
just be careful with wearing it all at the same time.


seriously stylish men

Jeremy K., 25 year old Billycock Designer Photographer from Bondi, Sydney and Adam K., 27 year old Musician/Engineer from Seattle. Lookbook.nu
Oscar R., 15 year old and Michael K., 30 year old etymological enthusiast from London. Lookbook.nu

all these looks are so timeless, simple and masculine. It looks like they just pulled something out of their closets and went with it. i think that is the key to being stylish. your outfit has to look like you haven't thought it trough. almost everyone owns these clothes. you just have to know how to combine them. if you have style, you don't have to bent over backwards to look good. things just work for you.

the reason these pictures will look good 20 years from now, is because you don't see any trends. i'm not sayin i don't like trends. i just think you shouldn't renew your wardrobe as soon as a new trend arrives. get inspired by trends, not taken over.
minor effort equals major coolness when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.


for the brave...

From left to right: elleuk.com. jumper, £28, topshop. sequin jumper, £405, ashish. bronze leather jacket, £110, miss selfridge. leather jacket with structured shoulders, £1,460, rick owens net-a-porter. tuxedo jacket, £2,010, by balmain net-a-porter. extended shoulder dress, £80, by Warehouse
this look will make your waist look really small. a great way to create that hourglass figure.


stud your stuff

no really, do it. if it's your style. it's such a fun and easy way to customize your basic clothes and make them special. it creates that glamrock look (that i totally love). it toughens up your sweet look and makes it special. just remember to practice on
an old shirt first, so you don't get ugly holes in your gorgeous clothes. and if you get tired of them, the studs can be easily removed. but like i mentioned, be really careful. for loose studs, spikes and tools check out www.studsandspikes.com


it's all about the shoes

It really doesn't matter what you're wearing, as long as you're wearing the right shoes.
Personally, i'm a huge fan of stilleto's. It is the easiest way to jazz up your outfit without making too much of an effort. The old t-shirt and jeans look, will look amazing if you wear it with over the top ,colored, and eyecatching heels.
It's ideal if you don't have the time to put together a stunning outfit. Shoes are really important.


picture magic

The following editorial is shot with a Polaroid 4x5 cam that was years over date. An ode to polaroid photography.
Gilet: Anne Demeulemeester. Riem: Dries van Noten
Shrug: Bruno Pieters. Bathing suit: American Apparel
Top: Anne Demeulemeester. pants: Pepe Jeans

i always loved Polaroid pictures and the way colors looked distorted.
i remember how excited i was when my mom let me pull the strip of my picture and an image slowly appeared. it was like magic to me. Polaroid stopped their production a while ago, and today i tried to imagine what my children would think of the pictures i made with that cam. our kids will be so used to seeing digitally altered and perfect images everywhere that they'll probably think we were crazy for ever using that thing.Polaroid pictures were always kind of "spoiled" because the contrast was off, and you always took pictures with weird colors in them. But now, i think those colors are perfect. Just because they really aren't perfect. and i'm sure my kids will try to recreate that effect with their fancy computers.


fashion rebels, i salute you

i really like to thank you for your positive reactions. i am now fully inspired and motivated to show you a different side of fashion. My whole point with this blog is to make you guys understand this crazy fashion world a little bit more and to show you not to take it that serious. i went to amfi - amsterdam international fashion week - this year. and i hated the fakeness of all those people, nobody is sincere, models are treated like objects. i abosolutly hated it.i think fashion is not about dresses that cost 4 figures and throwing milion dollar celeb party's. it's about feeling good about yourself. and if you feel good wearing "last years" headband, wear it!

i also have a little DIY surprise coming up that will only cost you 3 to 4 dollars/euro's/pounds.
i will be posting blogs every monday and friday


put a ring on it

this year is all about in - your - face accessories. The more they don't match your outfit, the better. let's take advantage of this trend and buy stuff without contemplating about if it's going to match your outfit today. Buy everything you like, even if it's really crazy and make it work. That's what being a fashionista is all about.

From left to right:
sheila´s faux turqoise cocktail ring $39.95 emitations.com
seraphim's cz studded dome cocktail ring $159.99 emitations.com

zoelle's pink elephant cocktail ring $199.00 emitations.com
tiffany sparklers praseolite cocktail ring contact tiffanys.com for price
gold stud ring H&M e 3,95
Floral Print Ring £7.00 topshop


fall 09


I'm really enjoying summer at the moment, but I wouldn't mind if the seasons changed in a snap because this beautiful collection by Versace is making me lust for fall! This collection is a mix between Glam Rock and Office Lolita. It has something very sophisticated but naughty at the same time. For example : The very romantic hairstyle but super kinky boots. I like that there's just one pair of pants in this collection. This fall seems to be all about multi colored leggins, killer overknee boots, wavy hair and sexy pumps. This collection consists of lot's of black and white pieces and a few color splashes here and there. I love the color contrasts.

It is femininity to the max!
What do you think?