picture magic

The following editorial is shot with a Polaroid 4x5 cam that was years over date. An ode to polaroid photography.
Gilet: Anne Demeulemeester. Riem: Dries van Noten
Shrug: Bruno Pieters. Bathing suit: American Apparel
Top: Anne Demeulemeester. pants: Pepe Jeans

i always loved Polaroid pictures and the way colors looked distorted.
i remember how excited i was when my mom let me pull the strip of my picture and an image slowly appeared. it was like magic to me. Polaroid stopped their production a while ago, and today i tried to imagine what my children would think of the pictures i made with that cam. our kids will be so used to seeing digitally altered and perfect images everywhere that they'll probably think we were crazy for ever using that thing.Polaroid pictures were always kind of "spoiled" because the contrast was off, and you always took pictures with weird colors in them. But now, i think those colors are perfect. Just because they really aren't perfect. and i'm sure my kids will try to recreate that effect with their fancy computers.

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  3. I know... I can´t understand why they stopped making them!! they would sell like crazy right now I´m sure!
    Your blog is really classy, good stuff ´round here :D


  4. alo Jilleesa love your name! XDXD
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    your blog is so so good. love the pictures!


  6. Thanks for the read. I really enjoy your blog and am looking forward to reading more. Good luck!

  7. wowwww! nice pictures!!! i really love it!
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  8. I like your blog too! Yo're a very stylish girl.


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  12. Love these photos, I am in love with polaroid pictures!
    I wish they didnt stop producing them I loved the magic of shaking it then watching the picture appear as well!
    Beth xx

  13. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I agree what you said about the fashion people, I studied fashion in Paris 84-85 and have left that world since longtime and have more and more friends that thinks like you. Nice photos... I will follow your blog so carry on...


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