put a ring on it

this year is all about in - your - face accessories. The more they don't match your outfit, the better. let's take advantage of this trend and buy stuff without contemplating about if it's going to match your outfit today. Buy everything you like, even if it's really crazy and make it work. That's what being a fashionista is all about.

From left to right:
sheila´s faux turqoise cocktail ring $39.95 emitations.com
seraphim's cz studded dome cocktail ring $159.99 emitations.com

zoelle's pink elephant cocktail ring $199.00 emitations.com
tiffany sparklers praseolite cocktail ring contact tiffanys.com for price
gold stud ring H&M e 3,95
Floral Print Ring £7.00 topshop

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  1. hey Jill!

    i absolutely adore your blog. the whole look and feel of your blog is great, i love the way you set it up. i hope to see more posts from you soon!


  2. lovely rings and your blog is fantastic! we hope to see more soon! can´t wait=)

  3. thanks for your comment, lady!

    l o v e these rings and the layout of your blog!
    You've got a good stepping stone- keep at it and see where it evolves. take a look at my first post for example in the archives at the bottom right of my blog to see the leChic evolution :)


  4. Hi, thanks for checking out my blog. (:

    Great post! I'm loving rings now.

  5. i love accessories (and of course, these rings)
    u worked so great on the blog!!

  6. take them all... vey nice your blog, will defenitly come back often

    Chic Wishes!

  7. First of all, tks to like my blog!!!

    I loved yours!
    The rings uauu!!!

    The blue one...
    ... is gorgeous!!

    I'll always visit you .


  8. I love this post. I've always been a fan of miss matched rings and finally I've been given the Ok about doing it. I really like your blog, keep it up!! xx

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog, I like yours!

    I love big rings at the moment, I nearly bought two more yesterday but I couldn't afford it :(


  10. Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog. Great blog Jill! Love the simplicity of it...you can never go wrong with black + white.
    LOVE the gold faceted ring! stay in touch...

    I have added you onto my reader.


  11. Good Job, Jill :) Blog looks great! I love that pink elephant ring...I bought it last year in Las Vegas! Keep up the great work xox

  12. Love your blog...great sense of style, and specially like that you make us "understand" a bit more about fashion, like getting us into it too.

    Good job...I'll be back !

  13. great blog! :D
    i love love love the elephant ring!

  14. welcome to the blog world Jilleesa!!
    your blog is very inspirational, good job!
    xo, ayse

  15. thank you for the comment ...i'm ur new follower..lovely blog btw ..

    yes currently i'm into rings..but i have probs sometimes cus my fingers are skinny =/ lol ..yesterday i bought one =]


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