fashion rebels, i salute you

i really like to thank you for your positive reactions. i am now fully inspired and motivated to show you a different side of fashion. My whole point with this blog is to make you guys understand this crazy fashion world a little bit more and to show you not to take it that serious. i went to amfi - amsterdam international fashion week - this year. and i hated the fakeness of all those people, nobody is sincere, models are treated like objects. i abosolutly hated it.i think fashion is not about dresses that cost 4 figures and throwing milion dollar celeb party's. it's about feeling good about yourself. and if you feel good wearing "last years" headband, wear it!

i also have a little DIY surprise coming up that will only cost you 3 to 4 dollars/euro's/pounds.
i will be posting blogs every monday and friday

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  1. Hi

    Your blog is very interesting
    my tip
    Do not say what is in trend (unless you want to promote tends or trend forcast)
    write about things that you want to inspire people with


    Happy blogging

    would you like to follow my blog

  2. Hey thanks for reading. It looks great so far, I'm excited to see what's to come!

  3. Hi there!
    Welcome to the blogger world. I adore your blog, already linked it.


  4. HI,
    u wrote on my blog about the movies and ask me if i can tell what I'm thinking about your blog :)
    SO, I'm here and I'm thinking it's amazing ! Looks like some kind of fashion magazine,I like the last photo :) I'll start read it like I also read the newbornhippy.blogspot.com,I really love this blog...
    So,good luck and continue!!
    xo V. ♥

  5. i dig your fashion philosophy and look forward to following your posts!

    thanks for stopping by!

  6. looks great!
    can't wait for the DIY project.

    handmade clothing

  7. Love it! Keep up the great work! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. thanx fo da comment totally love dis pik follow me

  9. thank you for your comment! :)
    i'd really like to follow your blog, i'm looking forward to the next posts.
    greets & kisses.

  10. i love your blog you found the coolest pictures to post! i'll be following too!

  11. You already have some great posts, it will be very interesting to see more!

  12. I think you are really right about what you are saying about fashion¡¡¡¡...i´ll be waitting for your next post¡¡ see you

  13. Cool blog! I love your opinions about fashion and definitely agree 100%!

    Follow my blog:) I'm following yours


  14. love the blog and follow and your super hott!!!!!!!

  15. I really your style of writing. Nice blog hun!

    rhesaXD from http://ralstyling.blogspot.com/

  16. poppy,

    i l o v e your blog, you knew that already but
    you should keep that in mind, never stop babe!
    can't wait to see your ''upcoming'' work!!!

    i like your writing in english




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