seriously stylish men

Jeremy K., 25 year old Billycock Designer Photographer from Bondi, Sydney and Adam K., 27 year old Musician/Engineer from Seattle. Lookbook.nu
Oscar R., 15 year old and Michael K., 30 year old etymological enthusiast from London. Lookbook.nu

all these looks are so timeless, simple and masculine. It looks like they just pulled something out of their closets and went with it. i think that is the key to being stylish. your outfit has to look like you haven't thought it trough. almost everyone owns these clothes. you just have to know how to combine them. if you have style, you don't have to bent over backwards to look good. things just work for you.

the reason these pictures will look good 20 years from now, is because you don't see any trends. i'm not sayin i don't like trends. i just think you shouldn't renew your wardrobe as soon as a new trend arrives. get inspired by trends, not taken over.
minor effort equals major coolness when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

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  3. i love micheal k! he's always so elegant!

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  7. It's super nice to see more and more guys are starting to care for how they look!


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