tired of jeans?

Chloé high-waisted silk pants 729 euros

Preen cropped slouchy pants 720,41 euros

Vanessa bruno athé wool-blend tappered pants 238,10 euros

everyone loves jeans (of course). but for a more sophisticated look, try wearing oversized trousers. i'm a complete jeans freak and needed a change, so i bought myself a pair of pants at Mango designed by adam lippes for € 50,-
These pants look great with a simple tshirt or tanktop, they barely cost you anything at H&M. Or for a really special occasion, wear them with a ruffled blouse. for a day look, stick to primary colours and combine them with two-tone shoes. You know, the kind your granddad wears. or with cute pumps
In de evening you can go wild with colours and patterns and stilletos.
A very versatile contribution to your wardrobe.

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  1. :OO iLuff yer blog; yer blog is fantastic
    yuh haff a great sense of style!
    hah didnt even have to look for more than 5min to realize that I wanted to follow :]
    yuh should follow mine also...or not xD

  2. Great blog, just this minute stumbled across it.

    I myself am more of a leggings person rather than jeans and have been trying to find a good pair of trousers like these ones for some time. Saw great pair in topshop but didnt have my size :(


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